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Bring all your orders into one place. With OrderNova you can easily track the incoming orders from walk-in customers, phone, email and e-commerce. Manage both retail and wholesale customers orders, sell online and plan the production – all in one platform.


OrderNova Instant E-Commerce for Bakeries

Instant E-Commerce

Quickly build your online bakery store with customer accounts, featured items, and simple payment solutions — without the costs and overhead of building and managing a custom website.

OrderNova Recurring Retail Bakery or Wholesale Orders

Recurring Orders

Set up automatic bakery orders for your wholesale customers. Avoid forgetting an order again.

OrderNova Custom Cake Ordering

Custom Cakes

Make complex items easy to order — both online and in-store. Increase order accuracy and know your products (including complicated custom cakes) are always priced properly.

OrderNova Detailed Bakery Order Management Reporting

Detailed Reporting

Ensure you meet customer demand. Know what to bake, when to make it, and where to take it.

OrderNova Flexible Bakery Pricing

Flexible Pricing

Keep your bakery wholesale customers happy. Offer special pricing by discount group, individual product pricing — or a combination of both.

OrderNova | Multiple Bakery Location Order Management

Multiple Stores

Manage bakery orders for multiple stores. Pickup, deliver, or ship from any of your locations.

Bakery order management that will have you over the moon.

OrderNova offers instant e-commerce for bakeries, advanced product templates for easy ordering, and bakery wholesale ordering.

Instant E-Commerce

Decrease the labor costs of order taking. Responsive website design lets customers order from laptops, tablets, smartphones, and more. Use featured items to increase the sales of your best and most profitable items.

Advanced Products

Make complex items easy to order.  Create templates and attributes that can be used across multiple products to allow for easy cake ordering.

Wholesale Ordering

Recurring orders make sure you avoid missing a repeating order again. With our wholesale portal, your customers can log in and manage their orders themselves.

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