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OrderNova has everything you need to track your orders, plan production, and sell online. Improve your order management for both retail and wholesale customers now.

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1. Set up your store and products

Start by setting up all the essentials on the OrderNova platform – access it from any device that works best for your bakery.

Screenshot: Custom Cakes Creation

Store setup

You can have multiple locations with customized opening hours and different delivery/pickup options. Add your employees and adjust their roles.

Create products

Start adding your products to OrderNova. Add photos, descriptions, and variations. Organize them in categories and adjust their availability.

Take it to the next level

Set up your custom products with our solution tailored for bakeries: adjust templates, attributes, and pricing for an easy and consistent way to create orders for custom cakes and other complex products.

2. Manage incoming orders

Once you’ve got your store set up start taking orders and streamline your order management process.

Screenshot: easy order management for bakery

Track orders

Efficiently input all incoming orders into the platform. Apply promo codes or custom charge for those extra detailed designs. Automatically save your customers and the history of their orders.

Plan production

See all upcoming orders: choose relevant date range, tally, and group them. Print order tickets and production reports.

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Multiple locations

Order is made in one location but is going to be picked up at the other one? – no problem. Access all the order information, filter out irrelevant details, and plan efficiently.

3. Optimize wholesale

Save time and money with easy wholesale management. Create recurring orders once and customize prices.

Screenshot: wholesale order management for bakery

Standing orders

Create standing or one-time orders for your wholesale customers. Easily adjust or cancel before production starts.

Pricing plans and invoicing

Set customized pricing for your wholesale customers and apply discounts. Automatically send invoices and keep track of their order history.

Customer managed orders

Reduce labor costs by allowing your wholesale customers to log into the OrderNova portal where they can manage their own orders before you start production.

4. Bring your bakery online

When you are ready – set up your online store to reach more customers and build an online presence.

Screenshot: ecommerce for bakery

Quick set up

Add essential information about your bakery and adjust the store look to match your brand. Choose which products you want to be available in your online store.

Delight your customers

Use categories to make it easier for your customers to find products. Highlight seasonal or popular products and allow your customers to make orders online.

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Order management essentials for your bakery

Essentials: unlimited employees

Unlimited Employees

Manage your employees responsible for order management. Adjust their access and permissions.

Essentials: detailed reporting

Detailed Reporting & Printing

Always know what to bake, when to make it, and where to take it. Print reports and order tickets to use in your bakery process.

Essentials: product flexibility

Product Flexibility

Control product ordering with daily limits. Offer seasonal items with restricted availability.

Essentials: online presence

Online Presence

Put your bakery online: set up basic information and showcase your products. When you’re ready, launch an online store with our e-commerce module.

Essentials: secure payment

Secure payment

Easily handle order payments through Stripe.

Essentials: available on all devices

Access it everywhere

Our solution works online – you can access all the information from any device, anytime you need. OrderNova works smoothly on all devices: phones, tablets and PC.

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