Keeping track of all your orders and manual tallying is time consuming

Save time and avoid mistakes in your bakery with OrderNova’s reports.

“Ordernova has made a huge difference in efficiency!”

Bakery Production Planning - Reporting With OrderNova

How it works

Save time

Increase accuracy

Reduce chaos

1. Input all your orders

Have all your orders in one place. Walk-in, phone, e-commerce future orders will be in one place – accessible from any device. Easily find any order, put it on-hold, edit or mark as complete.

2. Manage and plan production

Whether you have a dozen orders or a few hundred, it only takes a few seconds to generate production reports and order tickets. Print them or export them to take your planning to the next level.

3. Reduce chaos and mistakes

Have all the items ready for your customers. Reduce mistakes, pricing errors, and lost orders.


Trusted by Bakery Owners

Before OrderNova, it took each of our three departments an hour every day to go over the sheets and paper orders. Now it’s as easy as a click of a button to see what needs to be baked when. Now it takes just ten minutes to run the report and send it out.

George and Des Dasopatis from Tessa’s Bakery

Plan your bakery’s production within seconds

No manual tallying and organizing

Easy printing and exporting

Filter orders to create reports tailored for you